Founding Benefactors:
Irmgard Scheer-Pontenagel
Dr. Nina Scheer
Dr.-Ing. E. h. Frank H. Asbeck
Matthias Willenbacher

Board of Directors:
Dr. Nina Scheer (honorary)

Board of Trustees:
Irmgard Scheer-Pontenagel (Chairwoman)
Dr. Martin Altrock (Vize Chairman)
Dr.-Ing. E. h. Frank H. Asbeck

Bank Details (for donations):
IBAN: DE28 4306 0967 0014 0011 00
Bank Institute: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

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Dear supporters and friends,

The Hermann Scheer Foundation was officially recognized as a non-profit foundation under German civil law on December 23, 2010.

We, the Board of Directors and Trustees, would like to thank everyone whose support made the Foundation possible.

As stated in the preamble and principles of its charter, the Hermann Scheer Foundation advocates the “continuation of the important lifetime achievement of Hermann Scheer, whose courage, foresight and determination brought public awareness to the issue of renewable energy and how it can save the environment and offer an alternative to dwindling fossil fuel resources. His ideas greatly influenced political discourse not only in Germany and the European Union, but throughout the world as well. He made the transition to clean energy a reality, which he recognized early on as essential for the promotion of peace and ecological sustainability. He was a visionary, motivator, reformer and revolutionary. In his last book Hermann Scheer defined the necessity of responsible action as the “Energy Imperative”. Such an imperative demands an unwavering obligation to promote institutional change in the age of renewable energy, a goal which the Foundation fully embraces. (…).

The Foundation advocates the use of renewable energy for the purpose of protecting our environment, climate and natural resources through innovative, sustainable, rational and ethically responsible energy policies. By also promoting education and awareness of this issue, the Foundation hopes to foster peace and avoid conflict through international understanding.”

The Foundation’s work is maintained through contributions, collaborations and networking. Financial support can be given in the form of endowments or donations.

For more information, contact us at

Dr. Nina Scheer, Board of the Hermann Scheer Foundation

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